Grinders for Cannabis

Flower cannabis is still one of the preferred ways that people consume and use their marijuana. Grinding up the flower is a popular way to break down the cannabis. Grinders are great for dispensaries, retailers and head shops to offer consumers to consume their flower products. Here are some options for grinders:

GRAV Grinders

GRAV Grinder

  • High-grade aluminum and polycarbonate material
  • Available in four colors
  • Three polycarbonate windows for viewing herb
  • Removable magnetic screen for easy cleaning

Standard Aluminum Grinder

Aluminum Grinder

  • Ultra-sharp four piece grinder
  • Three sizes available
  • Available in black and silver
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Fine mesh screen and plastic keef scraper

Sharpstone Grinder

SharpStone Grinder

  • Available in silver and black
  • Made from zinc material
  • Three chamber design, diamond-shaped teeth

Plastic Grinders

Plastic Grinders

  • Lightweight and cost efficient
  • Great for first-time patients
  • Various colors available


Grind On

Grinders are a popular add-on for first-time patients at any dispensary or cannabis facility. They are small, portable and break down the cannabis flower for consumption. If you are ready to carry different types of grinders in your storefront, or if you have any questions about them at all, then let’s have a conversation.