6 On The Go Pipes

Many people live their day-to-day lives with an on the go way of life. They are out and about and have little time to sit down and relax. Having an on the go mentality, one may need a small device to enjoy their marijuana consumption. Here are some various choices for on the go pipes:

3″ GRAV™ Concentrate Taster

GRAV Labs Concentrate Pipe

  • Borosilicate glass material
  • Perfect for dabbing on the go
  • 8 different colors available

Roll Uh Bowl

Roll Uh Bowl

  • Available in Original (8″) and BIG (12″) sizes
  • 7 different colors available
  • Odorless and flavorless
  • Bendable, portable and perfect for on the go use
  • Fits in the palm of your hand when folded
  • Dishwasher safe

2.5″-3″ Assorted Frit Dichro Hand Pipe (2 qty.)

2.5"-3" Assorted Frit Dichro Hand Pipe (2 qty.)

  • Various colors available
  • Spoon, frit design with dichro stripe
  • Classic hand pipe look
  • Takes up very small space on store shelf

3″ Assorted Fumed Chillum (5 qty.)

3" Assorted Fumed Chillum (5 qty.)

  • Fumed glass with inside coil design
  • Light striping with colorful glass dots
  • Small and discreet
  • Inexpensive add-on to any first-time patient purchase

3″ Assorted Candy Cane Hand Pipe

3" Assorted Candy Cane Hand Pipe

  • Spoon pipe perfect for flower
  • Candy cane style stripe design
  • Great for a first-time patient

GRAV Blunt

GRAV Blunt

  • Six different colors available
  • Borosilicate glass material
  • Used for ground flower
  • Ash-catcher mouthpiece is adjustable


Grab and Go

Be in that on the go mindset of your customers and grab some pipes that will take up a small amount of space on any shelf. If you are ready to carry different types of on the go pipes, or if you have any questions about them at all, then let’s have a conversation.