What’s the mAh for Vape?

Getting into the cannabis vape industry can be a life-changing experience for those that want it. But configuring your oils fixed with the correct carts, one may question vape terminology, such as, “What does mAh stand for?”

mAh stands for milliamperes per hour. It is a measure of a battery’s energy storage capacity. mAh is the measure of how long the battery will last after one full charge. It is the fuel that powers the battery in the pen.

Volts are different from mAh. Volts measure how much power the battery delivers on that charge.

Generally, the larger the mAh, the longer a battery will last. You can generally calculate how much actual vape time you’ll get from a battery by the mAh of a battery. For example, a battery rated 1,000 mAh can last for one hour, delivering one amp of power (1,000 milliamperes = 1 amp) before it is completely drained.

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If you have additional questions about mAh, volts, or vape in general, then let’s have a conversation.