What are Vape Batteries and Pen Kits?

Batteries and pen kits are very important to any cannabis vaping product as they heat vape cartridge products for consumption. Like cartridges, it is important to pair a battery to the right oil as it will increase or decrease the burn rate of oil. Also, they are a great upsell with cartridges and leave a longer lasting impression of any brand since they can be used with more than one cart.

Here are some important items to have and to upsell to customers when you sell them any portable vape product:

BatteriesAdjustable Pre-Heat Slim Pen for Liberty Tanks Black

  • High quality, extended battery life
  • Create brand awareness with customers
  • Brandable

Pen Kits

Gunmetal Executive Pen in Med-ePen™ Leather Case

  • Protects vape hardware
  • Kits hold: Standard USB charger, battery, and cart
  • Available in various colors for kits and pens
  • Brandable


Cart – Check, Battery – Check, Pen Kit – Check

When you already have pre-filled vape cartridges, it is ideal to be a one-stop-shop so the customer is not required to find another headshop down the road for additional accessories and carts. Vape batteries and pen kits make you that go-to shop that has everything a vape customer needs. If you are ready to offer batteries and pen kits, or if you have any questions, then let’s have a conversation.