Standard Pre-Roll Tubes vs. Child Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes

Pre-roll tubes are easy to use and compact for any producer, retail store or medical dispensary packaging pre-roll cannabis flower. You may think that color and size are the only decisions when selecting pre-roll tubes. However, another factor is whether to choose standard or child resistant. Here are the various pre-roll tubes available:

Standard Pre-Roll Tubes (Polypropylene)

Select Pre-Roll Tube

Standard pre-roll tubes are available in polypropylene, made from recyclable medical-grade BPA-free polypropylene plastic. They are an affordable solution for regions that do not require child resistant packaging. The tubes are available in various colors, can be translucent or opaque, and come in 98 mm (1 filled pre-roll – 1.25 size cones or cones under 0.6 g) and 116 mm (1 filled pre-roll – king size cones).

Standard Pre-Roll Tubes (Borosilicate Glass)

Glass Pre-Roll Tube

Made from borosilicate glass, these pre-roll containers are premium tubes with 14 mm wide openings. The length of the tube varies from 116 mm to 126 mm and can be topped off with a screw top and screw cap or cork stopper.

Child Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes (Polypropylene)

Child Resistant Pre-Roll Tube

Available in 90 mm and 116 mm, these USA-made child resistant pre-roll tubes are a safe way to package pre-rolls. The air-tight seal reduces odors significantly to ensure secure storage and privacy of contents within the container.  Stay within compliance of your region by getting child resistant pre-roll tubes.


“That’s How I (Pre-)Roll!”

Pre-roll tubes are a common way to hold pre-rolls and a requirement for most cannabis dispensaries, retail stores or medical clinics. Child resistant tubes are compliant for various regions where cannabis is legal. Get the one that is right for you. If you are ready to pick up some standard or child resistant pre-roll tubes, or if you have any questions, then let’s have a conversation.