What are Tamper-Evident Bands and Labels and Their Sizes?


Tamper-Evident bands and labels are used to seal packages so the contents within cannot be opened without obvious destruction of the seal.  This ensures you are receiving the exact product that the producer/packager has specified. Once emergency regulations expire, all cannabis products will need to be prepackaged with a tamper-evident seal before entering a dispensary. These tamper-proof cannabis bottles will be everywhere. The only time a cannabis product does not need to have a tamper-evident label or band is when it is heat sealed. Here are some specs of tamper-evident bands and labels:

Tamper-Evident Band Sizes

Tamper Evident Band

Tamper-Evident Label Sizes

Tamper Evident Label

  • 0.375″ x 4″ – Pre-roll tubes and 13 or 19 DR pop tops bottles
  • 0.3750″ x 2.5″ – Concentrate containers
  • 0.75″ x 0.5″ – Universal size
  • 0.5″ x 4.5″ – Large pop tops and glass jars
  • Application: Peel off back of the label and apply like a sticker to the lid and container
  • Note: Not recommended to apply to wood products


Cannabis Package + Bands/Labels = Compliant

Whether you are using tamper-evident bands or labels for your flower, concentrates or edibles, make sure you remain within compliance of your region. Grab your container and shrink wrap the band. If you are ready to carry these bands or labels for your shop, or if you have questions, then let’s have a conversation.